It used to be that auctions in Kenya were only held to dispose-off contested properties in Court cases involving monetary claims, repossessed vehicles, distressed items or cases of deceased estates or divorce – not so anymore!!!!!

In the past few years, Alfajiri Auctioneers have gained substantial credibility as one of the most efficient means of selling both movable and immovable property and have grown into a mammoth business model that moves property quickly, efficiently and profitably.

We desire to convert your movable and immovable property into quick cash through auction. All properties are sold above a reasonable reserve price. We also dispose by auction any movable property be it office equipment, heavy machinery, vehicles, home equipment that is not in substantial use and convert it to money for you or your company.

So, are you ready to sell your vehicles at your yard or any other movable item elsewhere????, Auctions speak louder.

Kindly feel free to contact us anytime we can arrange auctions and improve your sales.


It’s a great question. The answer is simple: Auction means action! Buyers and sellers agree. Auctions are the quickest and most efficient methods of selling goods at market value. The timeless simplicity of bringing buyers and sellers together. The auction method of marketing allows buyers to attract sellers that are highly interested and highly qualified and allows them to compete for property.

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