1. Repossession of Motor vehicles, machinery and any asset not fully paid for

    Alfajiri auctioneers will make sure that all movable property including motor vehicles or machinery advanced to entities including natural persons by our clients and the same have not been paid for either by neglect from the debtor shall be repossessed to push the debtor to pay the outstanding arrears.

    In Repossessions, you can instruct us either directly or through your advocates

  2. Realization of charged securities,

    Alfajiri auctioneers undertakes the process of realization of charged securities which include immovable property, fixed and floating debentures, stock in trade or shares in a company  offered to banks and other micro finance companies by borrowers by executing the statutory power of sale vested on banks and microfinance companies under the companies Act  and the Law of contract.

    By placing an assignment with us, you are always assured of speedy desired results

  3. Sale of movable and immovable property by auction or any other mode of sale by competition.

    Alfajiri auctioneers undertakes the business of selling movable and immovable property by public auction and other modes of competition with instructions from our clients.

    We are also able to sell by auction and dispose-off any uncollected/ unclaimed property or goods within your premises which you would like to do away with or clearance of any logged stock.

  4. Debt Collection and Recovery

    We at Alfajiri Auctioneers provide Debt Collection services to companies and individuals whose monies are held by third parties and who are not willing to pay.

  5. Property Management and Consultancy services.

    At Alfajiri Auctioneers, your property and any rent realized from the said property is in safe hands. We manage immovable property both to our local clients and clients abroad by making sure that rent is collected in time and that the property is in good state.

    We also offer consultancy services to clients planning to venture into property business regarding the viability and legality of such venture in specific areas within the country.

  6. Para - Legal consultancy, Legal drafting and Research

    Alfajiri auctioneers boasts of having a legal minded leader who is privy to the legal framework in Kenya. Most of your legal problems will be addressed to detail and where court redress is required, we shall refer you to our advocates for the same.

    We however discourage litigation and encourage dialogue where possible since even the winner in a litigation case will ultimately be a loser in terms of time.

    We are excellent in drafting legal documents in every aspect of the legal framework, which makes us efficient in handling our clients matters without further burdening them with legal fees. This makes our firm the most competitive in matters of turn around time and efficiency.

    We undertake legal research and case study for our clients including Law firms and Human Rights offices to aid them in their submissions and arguments in courts of law.

  7. Court process service

    We are licensed court process servers duly licensed by the Judiciary to serve all legal documents around the Republic of Kenya and beyond. We understand that Court Process Service is an integral part in the administration of justice. We therefore execute the process at the shortest time possible bearing in mind that “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.

    Our team of licensed court process servers will handle your assignments with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

  8. Art and Antique auction services

    Art is mostly used to describe our inner feelings through expression in either drawings or action.

    Antiques are collectable objects such as piece of furniture or work of art that has high value because of its age and quality.

    Antique sales are held when need be and comprise a wide range of items including silver and plated wares, objects of virtue and jewelry, watches, vintage, classic vehicles, paintings, watercolors and prints, bronzes and continental ceramics.

    We at Alfajiri auctioneers will make sure the old good days are present in your life today


Our client portfolio includes, but not limited to:

  • AL – Riaz & sons international
  • Simba Kali Debt collectors
  • Autoselection ltd
  • Anas motors
  • Taha Motors
  • Planet Motors
  • Kariuki Gathuthi & Co. Advs
  • Ameli Inyangu & Partners Advs
  • Wandai Matheka & Co. Advocates
  • Okanga & Co. Advs
  • Ndere & Co. Advs
  • Munene, Wambugu & Kiplagat Advs
  • Ochieng, Kokul & Velo Advs

And other individual persons

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us on info@alfajiriactioneers.com or
Call us on 0711 245 043 / 0734 618 777

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