It’s a great question. The answer is simple: Auction means action! Buyers and sellers agree. Auctions are the quickest and most efficient methods of selling goods at market value. The timeless simplicity of bringing buyers and sellers together. The auction method of marketing allows buyers to attract sellers that are highly interested and highly qualified and allows them to compete for property.

The Auction Option

Auctions are not just for bank owned property. It is just another tool to sell your property fast and efficiently.

If you’ve never attended an auction, you’re missing out on a great time. Auctions are exciting and most importantly, auctions are fun.

Whether you’re selling sentimental prized possessions or looking to buy one-of-a-kind treasurers, an auction is just the place to make things happen. Contrary to what some might view as complicated and time consuming, a fast-paced auction is one of the most efficient ways of converting your property or assets into immediate cash. With the combination of pre-sale marketing and the auctioneer’s attention-getting-chant, you could have enthusiastic, attentive buyers aggressively competing to purchase your property.

Auctions exhilarate and captivate everyone, from the opening call of “Would you bid” to the sound of the gavel slamming down and the ringing of “Sold!”.

Why go to auction with my real property?

When it comes time to sell, auctioning is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to sell real estate. Selling your property, home or investment property at auction takes the waiting out of selling

Auction Advantages

  • High impact, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Buyers come to you instead of you waiting on the market
  • Receive true market value for your property
  • Opportunity to bargain
  • Property information package
  • You determine the purchase price
  • Fair competition
  • No negotiation period
  • You know the purchasing and closing dates

Auctions – a changing mindset

It used to be that auctions in Kenya were only held to dispose-off contested properties in Court cases involving monetary claims, repossessed vehicles, distressed items or cases of deceased estates or divorce – not so anymore!!!!!

In the past few years, Alfajiri Auctioneers have gained substantial credibility as one of the most efficient means of selling both movable and immovable property and have grown into a mammoth business model that moves property quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Vehicles and Houses on Auction attract qualified buyers – people who have the means and the desire to purchase the property. This means no more Saturday fore/afternoon ‘strollers’ who have nothing better to do than look at show vehicles/houses!

Property Auctions create urgency – a time is set for the auction to take place and buyers compete assertively to win the bid.

Where conventional sales generally start with a high price and then consider offers that are lower than the asking price, with auction properties it works the other way around. A well marketed and well run property auction demonstrates the value of the property and eager bidders push the price up so that the real value of the property is realized.

Property Auctions generally result in quick sales – no more listing on the conventional market and then waiting weeks or months for offers to come in. They also result in a quick close as the property is sold with no conditions attached to the sale.

Under Clause 3 of our profile attached herewith, it explains our desire to convert your movable and immovable property into quick cash through auction. All properties are sold above a reasonable reserve price. We also dispose by auction any movable property be it office equipment, heavy machinery, vehicles, home equipment that is not in substantial use and convert it to money for you or your company.

So, are you ready to sell your vehicles at your yard or any other movable item elsewhere????, Auctions speak louder.

Kindly feel free to contact us anytime we can arrange auctions and improve your sales.

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